Hey there...


The necessary spiel:

Hey! I'm Evelyn Bertrand and I'm a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and photographer. I specialize in B2B marketing and social media content while also providing additional photography services.

I've always been interested in helping both freelancers and the clients who need them understand each other. That's why on my blog you're going to find articles for you, regardless if you're looking for a freelance writer or if you are a freelancer. Everything from listicles to primers can be found on the blog, or even as samples in my portfolio.

I also offer comprehensive writing and proofreading services here, so you can hire me if you like the way I work (and write). I'd really like that.

When I'm not writing, I focus on street photography and short films. My galleries are available for perusal and you can even find more of my work on Unsplash.


Cool, unnecessary things to know about me:

1. I've got a cat named Jonsey, after the cat in ALIEN. (Yes, really -- films are a big part of my personal life.)

2. Spanish is my first language, but lucky you, I also learned English. 

3. I've lived all over the world, including Japan, the Caribbean, and even a stint in Mexico.

4. I've produced short films for a Hollywood writer/director.

5. I also write fiction in the following mediums -- novels, comic books, screenplays, tv scripts, and plays. Need a fiction piece written? Email me and let's talk about it.


All photos on this site were taken by Evelyn Bertrand on an iPhone 6S Plus and Camkix lenses. All rights reserved.