The Runner, Part II

Dev, sweaty and still shaking from her close call with the Watchers that nearly prevented her from boarding, was hidden in the compartment that Draya had pointed her to. It’d take a few tries, and a few more close calls with the ship’s crew, to find it, as it was six levels below the main deck, but she made it safe and sound, plugging in her adaption augmentation into her cranium to help make the rest of the trip more feasible.

The Runner (Part I)

Dev never liked waiting in the Atrium for her assignments. The dead jungle of plants that were too stubborn to rot, holding on to chunks of dirt as if there was still life to cling to, were depressing to look at. The broken light bulbs, cracked walkways, and dirt-filled windows made her feel as though she was walking through a haunting, through the memories of millions of people over the course of the last thousand years.


I used to be afraid of running, of falling and hurting myself too far from home. I would always have this vision of being stuck in the ravine with a broken leg, not able to move, subjected to the long waiting period I’d have to endure before someone came to collect me. Then night would come, swallowing me whole, the intestines of the woods curling its way down the steep incline to me, holding me still while bats fly down my throat to choke the life out of my small body.