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The Imagination of Michael Jean

The Imagination of Michael Jean

Michael Jean was a name I heard a lot on social media last year but it was only when I went to her Twitter page that I found out why:

Michael Jean is an extraordinary visual artist with the ability to transform one set up into a variety of fantastic scenes using just herself, a computer, and a bare set up.

I’ve spoken with Jean a few times on Twitter and she’s a humble artist, even though few of us would be able to extract incredible pieces from pretty much the same set-up several times over. From underwater to the woods, from airplanes to classical art, Jean brings together elements from her imagination and sends them out in the form of art that we can all enjoy.

What’s even more impressive is that Jean is open about her process. Her “Self Portrait” series on Twitter always includes a before and after photo so that people can see how the image began and where it ended up. Jean also shows fun WIP photos from pieces, showcasing her workflow, and answers questions about her process. She sometimes also leaves easter eggs relating back to previous images she’s done, making it a fun game for her audience to play.

But what draws people in is her ability to create worlds – and stories – just from her imagination alone. Each new entry into her “Self-Portrait” series stands alone, but also melds together with the series as a whole, making it an interesting journey into the mind of an artist that deserves more attention.

Take a look at her work:

If you like Michael Jean’s photos and want to follow her on social media, here are here links:





Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Brutalist Architecture

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